School may not be best neighbor

June 15, 2006

The new Melbourne High School may be an obstacle to attracting prospective employers looking into the former Boeing facility, according to Barbara Merrick with Entergy’s office of economic development. Merrick addressed a gathering of business and political leaders as well as members of the Central Ozarks Task Force for Economic Development at the former Boeing plant in Melbourne June 12.

“I’m concerned by the proximity to the new school,” Merrick said. “Soccer moms and big trucks don’t mix well.”

Melbourne School Superintendent Gerald Cooper said the former Boeing plant had been taken into consideration when architects drew up the plans. “We have two roads and possibly a third,” he said. He said besides the road it shares with Boeing, the school also has another road leading out the north side of the property onto airport road. He said if the money is available a third road might be built leading straight from the school building to Lacrosse Road.

“We might need to figure out an alternate route,” Merrick said.

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