Turkish Food Festival features kebabs, baklava, more

April 16, 2015

Got a hankering for some kebabs?

You’re in luck because those are just one of the items that will be on the menu at the 2015 Turkish Food Festival on Saturday. This is the fifth year for the event, which is organized by and located at the Little Rock Raindrop Turkish House.

The Raindrop Turkish House states its mission is to promote diversity, dialogue and friendship among different cultures and people in Arkansas. The Raindrop House was founded in 2000 as a nonprofit and operates in eight states: Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee and Louisiana.

“We don’t have huge numbers in Arkansas,” says Rasid Avsar, director of the Little Rock Raindrop Turkish House. “We have 1,000 Turkish-Americans in central Arkansas, with 350 to 500 in Little Rock.”

Read the rest here: http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2015/apr/16/turkish-food-festival-features-kebabs-baklava-more/


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