Local McDonald’s manager takes customer service to Rio

denton-at-olympic-villageSeptember 12, 2016

Bryan Denton isn’t unfamiliar with being honored for his work. The manager of McDonald’s in Batesville has won the Ray Kroc Award twice, once in 2010 and in 2016. Not only has being honored brought him recognition, but now they have also taken him to the bottom of the globe to the biggest sporting event in the world: The Summer Olympics. 

“[Winning the Kroc Award] gave me the opportunity to work the McCafe Booth at the NBC commissary at the International Broadcast Center,” said Denton, 53, of Batesville.

He said that being a winner of the Ray Croc award was a requirement to work at the McCafé at the Olympics. Ray Croc winners represent top one percent of McDonald’s in the world. That means that he was one of 140 managers out of 14,000 recognized.

Read the rest here: http://guardonline.com/?p=218828


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