Independence is one of LawCo’s oldest ‘children’

img_3227February 9, 2017

Independence County is within three years of its 200th birthday. Founded in 1820, the county existed before there was an Arkansas — when the state was still part of Missouri.

But another county’s story is integral to that of Independence County. The story entails not only Independence County, but all the counties around it. It’s the story of Arkansas’ “Mother of Counties” — Lawrence County.

When we think of Lawrence County today, we think of a neighbor to the east that is dotted with small towns, winding roads and is sparsely populated, save for its twin cities of Walnut Ridge and Hoxie. But at one time, Lawrence County stretched from just north of the Arkansas River, to what is now southern Missouri and most of the way to Oklahoma.

“They call it the ‘Mother of Counties,’” Steve Saunders said. “It’s actually the second oldest county in the state. Arkansas County is the oldest, so I guess you could call [Arkansas County] the ‘Father of Counties.’”

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