‘Skinny’ budget concerns seniors – Deliveries of meals to elderly may be cut back

March 24, 2017

Frances Miser doesn’t like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. For a food she doesn’t like, it winds up being her go-to meal several times a week.

At 85, she has limited mobility and suffers from neuropathy, which affects the use of her legs, although it doesn’t stop her from taking a walk twice a day, which her doctor recommended, with her walker around her senior community; a walk to the grocery store is too far.

Miser lived in Little Rock and worked at the Maybelline facility there for many years until she retired. After retiring, she came to the Batesville area, where she was originally from.

Miser is also unable to drive. She is afraid to cook with the stove and relies on sandwiches or TV dinners out of the microwave to sate hunger.

Fortunately for Miser, and thousands of senior citizens like her around the U.S., she can count on a program that delivers food to her door. While it might be only one meal a day, it means one meal that isn’t peanut butter and jelly or the high-in-preservative food that comes in TV dinners.

“It helps me a whole lot,” Miser says. “I can’t walk very far. I don’t go anyplace unless my daughter comes and gets me.”

Read the rest here: https://guardonline.com/?p=233548


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