Keystone brings technological innovation to Batesville – Company seeks to transform market by creating high quality, low cost solutions

March 30, 2017

When someone says the words “cyber-security” and “confidential,” it’s probably cinder block buildings surrounded by spotlights and razor wire that come to mind, not a small nondescript store in a strip mall just off Main Street in Batesville.

But that’s just what you’ll find with Keystone Data Technologies, soon to be Keystone Solutions.

The keypad that keeps just anyone from walking in the door might be the first clue that Keystone isn’t your typical Main Street Batesville business. It’s because of the confidentiality of the products they’re developing, that the front door is almost always locked, keeping a person from walking in off the street.

At first impression, there’s not a lot to see. The office is pretty sparse when it comes to décor and wall art that you’d find in most offices. Aside from a folding table full of refreshments, the impression that one gets from the lobby is that the employees have yet to move in.

That impression is wrong, though. There’s an office just right off the lobby with a large window, where one can see the massive central screen, flanked by two smaller ones, that sit on top of Keystone founder and CTO Mark Nelson’s desk.

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