Spring heat puts pressure on local shelters – Ownerless kittens, puppies face harsh lives, uncertain futures

April 21, 2017

It’s springtime and, if you have four legs (or more), love is in the air.

Puppy and kitten season is in full swing and area shelters are feeling it. Although more and more people are neutering their pets every year, there are still many animals out there, both feral and owned, that aren’t neutered. When people allow their unfixed pets outside, then it’s not a surprise when they have kittens or puppies show up 65 days later.

“Cats are mostly what we get in the springtime,” Humane Society of Independence County Shelter Manager Megan Trail said. “The majority of people find them or they are strays.”

Springtime is when many mammals go into heat, or estrous. This is the time they are driven by reproductive hormones to find a mate and have offspring.

While cats are not the only animals that breed in the springtime, they reproduce fast, up to four times a year according to Batesville Animal Control Officer Jeff Pender.

“We probably get 20 calls a week for cats. Between now and June we’ll see an influx,” Pender said. “In September and October, we’ll see a second round.”

The number of animals coming in puts increased pressure on both the city of Batesville Animal Control and the Humane Society of Independence County shelters.

Read the rest here: https://guardonline.com/?p=235804


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