Peco covers chickens, from hatching to death

June 7, 2017

Chickens hatched into a Peco hatchery in the Batesville area will likely spend their entire lives within the area’s Peco facilities, according to Peco Live Operations Manager Rusty Langle.

Langle gave the Batesville Rotary Club an overview of the company and an update on its Pocahontas operations at their weekly meeting at Kelley Wyatt’s in Batesville.

“My job is to make sure they are well when they go to the plant,” Langle said. “Half of the chickens they produce are in Arkansas. We’re fully integrated from egg to death.”

Even the food the chickens eat is produced in the area at a feed mill located in Newark. That feed mill produces 12,000 tons of feed each week for the chickens.

He said that Peco’s Batesville hatchery produces 1,150,000 chicks per week. From there they go to become one of the 1.3 million chickens processed weekly at the Batesville processing plant where a chicken is killed and cut up for sale.

The live operations employ approximately 150 people full time at a time, while the processing plant in Batesville employs more than 1,000.

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