For home delivery, many women turn to midwives – Regulations could lead to more unassisted births at home, practitioners say

June 13, 2017

When Brianna Crabtree of Batesville decided she wanted to have a natural birth, she began to look outside of the hospital system. Crabtree, and many women like her, felt that going to a hospital for delivery would take control from them and put it in the hands of an obstetrician.

Worse, if she found an obstetrician who was natural-birth friendly, there was a chance that it wouldn’t be that doctor who showed up for her child’s delivery. Instead, she could wind up with one who she felt would push for unwanted interventions.

With that in mind, Crabtree decided to go another route: She would have her third child at home. In order to do that, she would join a small, but growing, population of women who turn to midwives for their pregnancy care and child delivery.

Read the rest here:

If you don’t have a subscription, one of the women featured reposted it here: Link.



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