Pocahontas Downtown Playhouse showcases passion of actors

June 14, 2017

While it may be more than an hour from Batesville, the general manager of The Downtown Playhouse in Pocahontas wants you to know it’s worth the trip.

“I think the Downtown Playhouse is one of the biggest secrets in northeast Arkansas [that’s] starting to get out now,” said Downtown Playhouse Manager Kelly Grooms. “We sold four season tickets for our first season and I think we’ve already sold 113 or 114 this year. Our audience is large. We can only seat 100 people in there, but we have 12-16 performances. Most of our audience comes from out of town.”

Grooms spoke to Batesville Kiwanis Club on Friday about the theater, telling members and guests about why the Downtown Playhouse is such a draw and some of its upcoming shows.

“We have really generated a large following for our shows,” Grooms said. “We just got finished with a run of ‘The Foreigner’ about a month ago. It sold out every single performance that we had, with the exception of one Sunday.”

Read the rest here: https://guardonline.com/?p=240315


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