Roots that grow – Millers are connected to past, looking to future

June 27, 2017

SAGE — Izard County’s Farm Family for 2017, like many other farm families, have a connection to generations before them. But, one thing about the Millers is that they’ve used that connection to build their farm, quite literally.

The Millers own more than 700 acres, which they use for cattle farming and hay growing, in between Zion and Sage. Pulling up in their driveway, the first thing one sees is an antique hay rake in the front lawn, facing the highway, with the name “Miller” on it.

As you pull up to the Millers’ house, it at first looks like a new construction, which in a way, it is. But, even though the house isn’t old, many of its pieces are. This becomes clear when you step through the front door.

“Most of the stuff you see will be family heirlooms,” Tammy Miller, 59, wife of Doug Miller, 59, the head of the farm family said, “There’s not a lot of new stuff.”

The couple met through mutual friends when they were 22 years old. Now they’ve been married 33 years.

Tammy was a kindergarten teacher for 31 years and is now retired. She describes the house as their “dream home.”

The home is full of antiques, with one of the larger items being a wooden kitchen table passed down from a great-grandparent. At the corner of their porch is an old school bell from Evening Shade’s former schoolhouse.

“The framework are beams from old homes,” Tammy said.

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