‘No one took a screenshot of that meth recipe?’ State auditor often finds treasure, items not bargained for

July 21, 2017

State Auditor Andrea Lea loves deposit boxes.

Just ask her. She’ll tell you all about them and the many things you’ll find inside.

Lea spoke to the Rotary club on Monday; while the main focus of her talk focused on unclaimed property, she did talk a little bit about her office.

Lea took office after being elected in 2014, the 40th auditor in the state. As state auditor, she is responsible for the paychecks of not only all the state’s constitutional officers, but also 135 legislators, prosecutors and judges.

“They’re at the top of their office and they needed a separate payroll officer,” Lea said.

She describes the auditor’s office as being one of the legs on a “three-legged stool.”

Lea said that the first leg is the Department of Finance and Administration who collect the money from residents, either through taxes or fees. The second leg is the Legislature, who decides how the money is going to be spent, and the treasurer, who takes that money and puts it where it needs to be.

“I’m the third leg,” Lea said. “I write the checks. Someone has got to be the check writer.”

Read the rest here: https://guardonline.com/?p=243336


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