Fun at the fair

Arkansas State Fair returns with new rides, music, food

October 6, 2015

The Arkansas State Fairgrounds will soon come alive. Thousands will mingle and wander through the maze of rides, people and vendors, taking in the aroma of food, grass, animals and machines. The fair, you see, is almost an organism within itself that only lives 10 days a year.

The area off Roosevelt Road is still relatively empty at the moment, but dozens of people are working to get things ready for its Friday kickoff. What is now quiet will become a loud den of activity with speakers blaring, rides buzzing and music playing. It’s a symphony of chaos in some ways, with so many people being in the same place for so many different reasons.

Whatever the reasoning, it’s become an Arkansas staple for more than almost a century in one form or another. The fair hosts more than 420,000 visitors a year over its 10-day run, according to a news release.

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